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Many of us have nostalgic memories of our Girl Scout troops – collecting badges, camping, pushing those Samoas and Thin Mints.

But there’s one group of young ladies in Northern California who take a different approcach to weekend fun — they rock brown berets and march in the name of #BlackLivesMatter. They’re the Radical Brownies!

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The Radical Brownies are young women of color between the ages of 8-12 years old. They are not affiliated with Girl Scouts of America, and have their own badge system including one for “Radical Beauty” and an “LGBT ally” badge, reports Fusion.

The Radical Brownies was founded by Anayvette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest last month in Oakland, California.

In the Radical Brownies, girls learn about social justice movements such the Black Panthers and the Chicano group, Brown Berets (to whom they wear their own brown berets in homage), reports Fusion. They also attend beauty workshops on how Disney princesses define girls’ images of themselves and how that affects self-image.

“I think it’s never too early to have these conversations with young people,” Martinez told Fusion.

“Children are more aware than we think; it’s important to not shelter children from real issues that we’re living,” she said. “It’s especially important for young girls of color to feel empowered,” said Martinez.

The founders plan to replicate the organization with chapters throughout the country.

Fusion reports that the founders say once the program expands to multiple chapters, it will be open to all, but will always remain focused on young girls of color.

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