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Kyle Norman (pictured), a member of the famed ’90s R&B group Jagged Edge, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly beating up his fiancée who was taken to an Atlanta-area hospital to be treated for under eye welts, a huge knot on her forehead, a cut on her nose, and a blood clot in her right eye, among other injuries, according to TMZ.

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Police were summoned to an Atlanta residence on a domestic violence call.  When authorities arrived on the premises, they reportedly discovered a visibly shaken woman, Norman’s fiancée, who appeared to be injured.

The unidentified woman told investigators that Norman allegedly threatened to kill her then proceeded to punch and choke her with a scarf, break her cell phone, and snatch her keys.

The 38-year-old performer’s rage graduated to allegedly attempting to shove the engagement ring he had given to her down her throat.

Police state that Norman and his fiancée had been drinking alcohol, when a run-of-the-mill argument took a nasty left turn; Norman was reportedly upset about his father’s recent cancer diagnosis.

The “Let’s Get Married” singer was not at the residence when police arrived, but an officer reportedly spotted him running down a street.  When the officer caught up with Norman, he turned to face the police officer and reportedly shouted, “I need to go to jail!”

Norman is reportedly in a jail cell awaiting to be arraigned.

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