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An 11-year-old Ohio girl (pictured) allegedly beat a two-month old baby to death last Friday, 19 Action News reports.

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The girl’s mother had been babysitting infant Zuri Whitehead at her Wickliffe home when she fell asleep. Taking advantage, the 11-year-old took the baby upstairs and beat her, Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice said Monday.

Afterwards, she brought the baby downstairs and woke up her mother. Noticing Zuri had a swollen head and was bleeding, she immediately called 911.

An EMS squad rushed Whitehead to a local hospital, but she passed away from her injuries.

The incident was so disturbing that the Wickliffe Police Department is considering counseling for the responding officers, Ice said. He added that he’d never seen something so heinous in his career thus far.

Currently, there is no known motive behind the pre-teen’s attack. However, she has been charged with murder in the incident. A judge ordered her to undergo a competency hearing at her detention hearing Monday.

Zuri’s mother and the girl’s mother had been close friends for about six years. Trina Whitehead allowed her to watch her baby because she has three other kids and needed a break, NBC added.

Because she is a minor and under 14-years-old, officials cannot charge the girl as an adult. But she could be sentenced to a Department Of Youth Services facility until she turns 21.

“The girl did not show any remorse. I’m not sure she appreciated the gravity of what she did,” Ice commented.

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