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“Because I Got High” musician Afroman (pictured) has publicly apologized for punching a female fan in the face and knocking her down on Tuesday, after she snuck up on stage at his Biloxi, Mississippi concert and tried to dance with him.  The performer, who got arrested and was charged with assault, publicly apologized on TMZ Live for his reaction admitting, “It was wrong.”

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Afroman, whose actual name is Joseph Foreman, told the celeb news outlet he planned on seeking help in managing his problems with anxiety which he points to as the culprit for his violent knee-jerk reaction, when he was approached from behind on stage.  Afroman explained to TMZ Live, how he was not his best self on the night of the incident. “I tend to do late shows,” he said. “I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner or medicate myself, so I was even more anxious than normal.”

The musician also mentioned how he thought the woman had actually been a male audience member, who had been heckling and slinging vulgarities at him throughout his performance.  Yet on the live video of the incident, Afroman is witnessed swinging at a woman, knocking her down, then continuing to play his guitar without ever exhibiting an ounce of concern for his violent act.

The 40-year-old performer was released from jail after paying a $300 bond.

Witness the absurd assault here: