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The Memphis Police Department has a reputation for discriminating against officers of color. Since the late 1970s, officers within the department have complained that they were passed up for promotions because they were black. In the early 2000s a group of African-American police officers won a legal battle against the department after they accused officials of using race as a factor to determine who would be promoted. Some of the officers were offered promotions following the case. Last year, the federal appeals court retracted the ruling and now the officers have found themselves in a position where they are being reprimanded for speaking up for their rights. The chief administrative officer of the city of Memphis, George Little, is claiming that the new ruling will allow the city to demote the officers and make them pay back the money that they received when they got promoted. “We can say fine, not only are we going to bump you back to whatever your former position was, we want our money back that you weren’t entitled to,” said Little. “Demotion is basically what we’re looking at right now. They’d go back to the rank they were at when all this started.” Read more.

Ebony Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Steps Down

Ebony magazine has undergone a lot of change over the past few months. After putting up their photo archives up for sale for nearly $40 million and downsizing their office space, Mitzi Miller, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, recently announced that she would be stepping down from the helm of the publication. Miller says she plans on pursuing a career within the television and film industry. “I’ve always subscribed to the principle of living in the present and remaining open to all of life’s opportunities,” Miller said in a statement. “So I believe that now is an exciting time to start a new chapter in my life. It will always be an honor to have been a part of the Johnson Publishing Company legacy. Having served as the editor-in-chief for two of the oldest and most successful African American publications, I take pride in the issues the team was able to explore and expose to the readers.” Last year, Miller was appointed Editor-in-Chief after Amy DuBois left the publication. Prior to taking on the EIC role at Ebony she spent three years as editor-in-chief of Jet magazine, another publication under the Johnson Publishing umbrella. She was the only person since the company’s founder John H. Johnson to hold an editor-in-chief position at both publications. Read more.

Morris Chestnut Nabs Role in Investigative Drama Pilot for Fox

Actor Morris Chestnut will soon be gracing the small screen again. He recently just nabbed a spot in an investigative drama pilot for Fox. The show, which will be directed by Todd Harthan, focuses on the chronicles of a Miami-based pathologist who is the head of one of the most prominent labs in the country. Although his job entails examining deceased people he has a deep passion for living life to the fullest. The show also captures his interactions with a “cynical female detective” whom he works with. Additionally, Chestnut has a bunch of other projects in the works. He’s going to star in a movie called “The Perfect Guy,” alongside Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy and another project called “When the Bough Breaks,” with Regina Hall. Read more.

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