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A new documentary “Little Ballers” chronicles the journey of four 11-year-old boys and their coach as they try to win New York City’s Amateur Athletic Union Championship (AAU).

The documentary contains interviews with some of basketball’s biggest names, including: Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Walt Frazier, Chamique Holdsclaw, Joakim Noah, Steve Nash and TV One’s own, Roland Martin. Amar’e Stoudemire and Lupe Fiasco are executive producers of the film.

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“Little Ballers” director  Crystal McCrary joined Martin Tuesday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the documentary which will air February 25th at 9PM EST on Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons (check your local listings for time and channel).

McCrary told Martin she wanted to show “boys from diverse backgrounds and how basketball has become transformative for them.”

She also touted Martin’s appearance in the soon to be released documentary as giving a “master class” by explaining the realities of NBA hopefuls actually making it to the professional level.

“So many of them want to be Stephen Curry, want to be LeBron James, want to be a superstar ballplayer,” Martin said on “NewsOne Now. “But very, very, very few ever even get to that point.”

McCrary explained each of the young men highlighted in the film were playing basketball for different reasons. Judah, one of the “Little Ballers,” was playing ball to “save his family’s life.” His father had lost his job and as Judah began to develop as a basketball “prodigy,” McCrary said, “It brought his family hope.”

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McCrary’s son is also featured in the film and for him, basketball offered an “opportunity to control his temper.”

“Each of the players got something that moved beyond what happened on the court,” said McCrary.

Be sure to watch “Little Ballers” February 25th at 9PM EST on Nicktoons.

Watch Martin and McCraray discuss the upcoming Nick Sports documentary “Little Ballers” in the video clip above.

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