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Where are the jobs of the future, what are the top five careers students should be preparing for in their post high school education? If you were preparing to go to college do you know what areas of study would put you in high demand and lead to a lucrative career?

On Thursday, Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” spoke with Dr. Pamela Roggeman,

Academic Dean at the University of Phoenix College of Education and Josh D. Shapiro, Ph.D, Director of Research and Evaluation at the University of California, San Diego Extension, about the top five careers students should be preparing for on their “Road to Success.”

Martin asked Shapiro and Roggeman, “How do we get the next generation to understand, you must think about the jobs that are going to be paying tomorrow verses jobs that are on the decline, where they’re shedding jobs and not growing?”

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Shapiro told Martin, “Four out of the five hot careers involve computers, information technology and data. This means we should encourage students to develop a strong understanding of math and analytical skills.”

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He continued, “This isn’t to take away from passion and interest, but to make a fully informed decision, to understand where the jobs of the tomorrow are students need data, and that is the purpose of our project.”

According to the 2014 Hot Careers for College Graduates, UC San Diego Extension

report the “Top 5 Careers for College Students” are​:

  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Management Analysts
  • Elementary School Teachers

While looking at this list of top careers for college students many may question why Elementary School Teachers are included.

Roggeman explained why teaching, which has a median income of $53,400 per year has become one of the “Top 5 Careers for College Students.”

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“All throughout the United States there is a major teacher shortage which is only going to increase because we have all of the baby boomers ready to leave the career.”

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She added that in Arizona, “We have almost 1000 classrooms unstaffed in March, which means school districts have been searching the entire year and still have not found teachers, and it’s not just in math and science classrooms and special-ed classrooms — that’s elementary classrooms, that’s all across the board.”

If you major in education to become a classroom teacher, you’re going to find a job.”

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Below, watch the following web exclusive video from the University of Phoenix. You’ll see alumni share their experiences of attending UOPX and achieving their dreams of becoming college graduates.

Those who share their stories above include Tony Drees of Denver, Colo., who earned a Master of Management degree; Curtis Sampson of Chicago, who completed his studies to become a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership; Denise Washington of Kalamazoo, Mich., who also earned a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree; Gail Marquis of Jersey City, NJ who earned her MBA; Current doctorate learner Evelyn Banks from Memphis, Tenn.; MBA, Michael Johnson from Madison, Wis. and Amir Johnson from Stuart, Fla., who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Management.

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