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After Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will be signing with the Miami Dolphins after the new league year begins Tuesday for a deal that will pay him about $114 million over the next six seasons and $60 million guaranteed. I think it’s safe to say that just about every Detroit Lions’ fan was heartbroken that Suh would no longer be in a Lions’ jersey.

While I can admit that I am also sad to see Suh go, I can also admit that I am not upset at the Lions for letting him go. Unlike some fans, I support the Lions decision to not tag Suh a couple of weeks ago, just like I support their latest decision to not get into a bidding war for Suh in free agency.

Now I know what your thinking. How could I possibly support the fact that the Lions didn’t franchise or get into a bidding war for Suh?

Well to be honest, the reason I support the Lions decisions regarding Suh, is because … Continue Reading on, by clicking here.

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