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Police officials are searching for two suspects after two cops were shot and wounded in Los Angeles Sunday. The officers, who were dressed in plain clothes, were driving along Broadway yesterday evening when their car was shot at. The officers returned fire and the suspects fled the scene. Several people have been detained in relation to the incident, but the two suspects haven’t been found. “At this time, the officers believe they were the target of the gunfire,” said Det. Meghan Aguilar. “We have active search teams going through the neighborhood.” Read more.

B. Smith Opens up about Her Battle with Alzheimer’s Disease

Last year, model and restaurateur B. Smith alarmed loved ones when she roamed the streets of New York City for 17 hours. The incident was caused by Smith’s ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s. She is now using her platform to bring awareness to the disease. “I deal with it in a practical way,” she said. “I know that I’ve got a problem. Sometimes it makes me teary. But because I have great support with my husband and my family, you know, I’m doing fine. I’m doing really good.” Read more.

14 Boys Accused of Sex Crimes at Venice High School

Nine students at Venice High School were arrested by Los Angeles police after a parent reported they had committed sex crimes against two female students. The crimes allegedly started over a year ago. Fourteen boys are said to be involved. Some of the sexual acts were photographed and posted on social media. “We didn’t want to leave the suspects out there to potentially victimize other girls at the school,” said Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith. “The last thing we wanted was to have another victim.” Read more.


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