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The ex-girlfriend of Detroit’s walking man James Robertson reportedly wants part of the $360,000 in donations he received after his story about walking eight hours to work went viral, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Thousands of dollars in donations poured in and he also received a new car.

Tanya Fox, 60, has asked Robertson, 57, for at least $50,000 so she can repair the apartment he rented from her for 15 years, writes the news outlet. He has taken out a restraining order against her, according to the report.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

In a telephone interview last week, Fox denied having been served with the court order — “the sheriff just left a note in my door” — but then she said she planned to contest the order “because I’m not a threat to him, and no one in this house is a threat to him.”

She further said that those helping Robertson are “doing all that to keep him away from me.” And she confirmed that she expected a share of his new riches.

“He said he was going to give me $50,000 to fix up the house,” Fox said, adding that “James was not a neat person; he got grease all over the wall” of the kitchen.

She reportedly is not the only one after Robertson’s newfound fortune, which came after people learned of his 21-mile hike to a $10.55 factory job. He moved abruptly last month after telling police people in his old neighborhood were threatening him for money. He now lives in an undisclosed location in suburban Detroit.

We wish Robertson the best of luck. For more on how he is adjusting to his new, secret life, click here.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press | VIDEO SOURCE: NDN


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