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Andrea McBride and Robin McBride, co-owners of McBride Sisters, are the first “sistas” to start their own wine company. They stopped by “NewsOne Now” to share their story, as well as conduct a wine tasting session.

McBride Sisters makes super premium wines in Marlborough, New Zealand and Central Coast, California. As the company name would imply, Andrea and Robin are actually half-sisters sharing the same father. They literally grew up on opposite ends of the world, only meeting after their father passed.

After realizing they both shared the same love of wine and both grew up around wine vineyards, they decided to start their own winery. In 2010, they launched McBride Sisters, the first winery in the world certified for zero carbon emissions.

Andrea McBride told Martin, “It all started really from growing up in the wine industry as two little brown girls and incubating these ideas that maybe one day we wanted to make wine and in all honesty, we probably wouldn’t have done it by ourselves if we hadn’t met.”

She added, “We felt that we were kind of powerful — the world had brought us together in a very serendipitous moment and we wanted to take it on. We want to do it.”

Robin McBride said the duo started in the wine business 10 years ago, importing wines from New Zealand, distributing them, and working their way up in the industry. Eventually they launched their first brand of wine, Now in 2015, they are launching their latest brand – Truvée.

Watch Roland Martin, Andrea McBride, and Robin McBride discuss the brand of wines and take part in a little taste test on “NewsOne Now.”

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