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Former NFL safety Darren Sharper appears in a Los Angeles Superior courtroom Thursday, February 20, 2014, pleading not guilty to charges of drugging and raping a pair of women he allegedly met at a West Hollywood nightclub. Sharper’s bail has been increased from $200,000 to $1 million. (Photo credit: Bob Chamberlin/AFP/Getty Images) / Getty

UPDATED: Monday, March 23, 2015, 8:35pm ET:

One year for each rape.

Today in a Los Angeles Superior Court, former NFL safety Darren Sharper entered a no contest plea for drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles; he also plead guilty via video conference for sexual assault in Arizona, part of a multi-state plea deal he struck on Friday, according to ESPN.

ESPN reports:

Under the deal negotiated by his lawyers and state and federal prosecutors, Sharper will serve a nine-year federal prison term for similar crimes in Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona and California.

Similar hearings will follow in Las Vegas on Tuesday and in New Orleans in the next month. In each state, he’s accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women when they were unconscious or otherwise unable to resist or consent.

Sharper’s nine year sentence Federal prison is significantly less than what he would have gotten if he were found guilty of each of the nine rapes he is charged with.

In fact, Sharper had faced up to 33 years in prison if convicted of all counts against him in California alone, according to ESPN.


Former NFL safety Darren Sharper reached a plea agreement in New Orleans on Friday which reportedly resolves nine rape charges against him in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Tempe, Ariz, reports USA Today.

Exactly how much time Sharper will receive most likely will be revealed in Los Angeles on Monday, when Sharper is expected to plead guilty to charges.

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Authorities say that Sharper’s MO was to rape the women after he spiked their drinks with drugs, including zolpidem, also known as Ambien.

The serial rapist won a Super Bowl ring with the New Orleans Saints in 2010 and all of the alleged incidents came after Sharper’s retirement in 2011.

According to USA Today:

Sharper, 39, has been jailed without bail in Los Angeles since Feb. 27, 2014. By reaching a plea deal now, he avoids the risk of an even harsher sentence down the road, along with the rising legal costs of taking the cases to trial.

In New Orleans, he faced life in prison if convicted of drugging and raping two women on Sept. 23, 2013. He also faced federal drug charges and another rape charge there from Aug. 31, 2013.

In Los Angeles, he faced more than 30 years in prison, if convicted, after being accused of drugging and raping two women in separate incidents in October 2013 and January 2014.

In Arizona, Sharper was charged with drugging three women and raping two of them in November 2013.

ESPN reports that Sharper had a 14-year All-Pro career as a safety with the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints, with whom he won the Super Bowl. Sharper was fired as an analyst for the NFL Network when the rape allegations first surfaced in February 2014.