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The suspected mastermind in the Al-Shabab attack at Garissa University College that killed over 100 students is the son of a government official, CNN reports.

Several reports from the Interior Ministry named Mohamed Mohamud as the person of interest in the attack. Mohamud, who also goes by “Dulyadin” and “Gamadhere,” is the son of Abdullahi Daqare, a government chief in Mandera in northern Kenya. The ministry tweeted information about Mohamud and a “Most Wanted” flyer with a reward for 20 million Kenyan shillings for information on him Thursday.

Daqare hinted to reporters that his relationship with his son was currently in shambles, telling them he didn’t know much about his whereabouts. He also added that he had “really given up on him.”

His son graduated in 2013 from Nairobi University law school and worked for a bank for two months before he went missing, Daqare said in a phone interview.

“I have received reports from people who found information (on) the Internet that my son was one of the terrorists,” Daqare said. “I previously told the government that the son is missing. I sought their help to find the whereabouts of my son.”

Further investigation has revealed Mohamud’s previous roles in other incidents, including the quarry attack that killed 36 people in December. Mohamud also has connections to militant group Al-Shabab, who have admitted they were involved in the attack at Garissa. Mohamud is also suspected of leading the group’s external operations against Kenya. A total of 147 people were killed in the campus attack on Thursday.

The report goes on to say:

In this role, he commands the militia along the border and “is responsible for cross-border incursions in the country.”His network extends within the Dadaab refugee camp, the document says. Dadaab is the world’s biggest refugee camp, home to thousands of people, according to the United Nations. It’s located in Kenya’s North Eastern province near Somali.

Meanwhile, families of the victims have traveled to Garissa to identify bodies. The bodies of the gunmen involved in the shooting were also laid outside of the primary school for viewing.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for three days of national mourning.



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