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It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we have all of this week’s craziest stories circulating across news wires for you.

This week’s WTH?! play-by-play commentators are actor and radio host Antonio “the Cuban Cigar Smoker” Lambertis and TV personality Aruba Tommy.

Kicking this week’s insanity off is a mom unveiling a new way to do pizza night. The Florida woman decided to take her entire family out for pizza, but there wasn’t enough room in the car for everyone. So mom popped the trunk and stuffed a few kids in, closed it, and headed off for the pizza parlor. Video captured at the scene shows the kids climbing back in the trunk after pizza time was over.


You can now serve divorce papers on Facebook? Ellanora Baidoo married Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku in 2009. Their marriage fell apart after he refused to have a traditional Ghanian wedding. According to the Daily News, Blood-Dzraku has been on the run ever since. Since no one has been able to track the fleeing groom, a judge has allowed the jilted bride to serve Blood-Dzraku divorce papers via Facebook. What’s next, tracking down deadbeat dads on social networks for past-due child support payments? 


A five-year-old missing persons case has been solved. A San Francisco woman’s hoarding had gotten so bad that she refused to get rid of anything, including her deceased and mummified mother. Cops went into the home and discovered debris, garbage, and household items stacked to the ceiling. As they made their way through all of the rubble, they discovered the mummified body of the homeowner’s mother who had been missing for five years.


A bobcat was caught on camera fishing off the cost of Florida. The big cat is seen dragging a shark out of the water onto the shore. According to wildlife experts, it is not uncommon for bobcats to be on the shore and to hunt, but if you are on the beach and a bobcat comes darting by, dives into the ocean, and comes out with a shark in its mouth — you will definitely be screaming WTH?!

Watch NewsOne Now guest host Jeff Johnson, Antonio “the Cuban Cigar Smoker” Lambertis, and Aruba Tommy Bennet break down this week’s most insane stories during this installment of WTH?! Thursday in the video clip above.

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