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On Monday, journalist and author Peter Slevin joined Roland Martin on the set of NewsOne Now to talk about his new book, Michelle Obama: A Life.

Slevin’s book gives the public a glimpse into Mrs. Obama’s past and how it has shaped the First Lady she’s become.

“When authors pen a book that looks into the life of a public figure, they usually find a few surprising things about that person,” Slevin told Martin. But that wasn’t actually the case with Mrs. Obama, Slevin added. 

“She talks about herself, she reveals a lot about herself, but going deep it was fascinating to find out about her history, how she came up on the Southside of Chicago, what she learned along the way and how that has connected directly into what she has going now in the White House.”

Martin explained that throughout his journalist travels he has met many “political wives” and politicians and Mrs. Obama is “probably the most real, down to earth person who gets it.”

Slevin responded to Martin’s assessment, saying:

“All of her (First Lady Michelle Obama) friends talk about how authentic she is. She entered this political world a little reluctantly, as we all know, and she said ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to be true to myself.’”

“When you look at who she was on the campaign trail, if you look at who she is in the White House — it’s a pretty darn undefined, kind of difficult role — she has figured out what she cares about and how to do something about it.”

Watch Roland Martin, author Peter Slevin, Angela Rye, Principal at Impact Strategies, GOP strategist Paris Dennard, and Attorney Monique Pressley, principal of The Pressley Firm PLLC, discuss the new book Michelle Obama: A Life in the video clip above.

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