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Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Family Medicine Physician and Assistant Professor in the department of Family Medicine at Rowan University-School of Osteopathic Medicine, joined Roland Martin Friday on NewsOne Now to separate fact from fiction as it relates to health myths.

According to Dr. Caudle the “Top 5 Health Myths” are:

  • Vaccines are for kids
  • Checkups are obsolete
  • Natural means safe
  • Mammograms hurt
  • Whatever is ailing you will go away

Dr. Caudle said, “One of the biggest things that I often see is patients who say, ‘Well doc, I’ve been fine, I’ve been healthy, I don’t ever get sick. So I haven’t been to the doctor.'”

The Family Medicine Physician adds that she believes that is the biggest problem that she has seen in her medical practice.

“You still have to come every year for a check up — there’s lots of things that we need to be doing, but not thinking that you need a check up in my opinion is a problem.”

Watch Martin and Caudle dissect the “Top 5 Health Myths” in the video clip above.

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