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Everyone knows that asking an older woman about her age is something you should avoid, but yesterday a young girl had the courage to ask First Lady Michelle Obama. During the White House’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a child in the audience questioned FLOTUS about her age. “How old are you?” she asked. Once Mrs. Obama revealed that she was 51, the girl reportedly gave her a look and said “You look too young for 51,” prompting the First Lady to give her a hug. Read more.

Barry Bonds’ Felony Conviction Overturned

After being convicted for obstructing justice, a federal appeals court has decided to overturn the charges against former baseball player Barry Bonds. Four years ago, Bonds was brought to trial for perjury and obstruction charges. There was a 10-1 decision within the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel claimed that the evidence wasn’t sufficient enough to convict Bonds. Many judges expressed their views following the ruling. “Making everyone who participates in our justice system a potential criminal defendant for conduct that is nothing more than the ordinary tug and pull of litigation risks chilling zealous advocacy,” wrote Judge Alex Kozinski. “It also gives prosecutors the immense and unreviewable power to reward friends and punish enemies by prosecuting the latter and giving the former a pass.” Read more.

Jay Z’s Tidal App Hits Roadblocks

When Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal made its debut, it seemed like it would be the next big thing. However, the Brooklyn-bred mogul’s company has hit some roadblocks. The app has reportedly dropped out of the iPhone’s top 700 downloads chart. Some people believe that the factor of paying for the service is causing its downfall. “First and foremost you’ve got to pay for Tidal. And therefore it’s dead on arrival. Just like Apple’s new music service. Because people are cheap. They love their money more than their favourite artists, never forget it. Now if Tidal had a free tier … But it doesn’t. It can’t afford to lose that much money. Just because Jay Z is a famous musician he expects all of his fans to pony up 10 bucks a month? Raw insanity,” said music critic Bob Lefsetz. Read more.


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