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WERQ 92 QJams in Baltimore, which is owned by Radio One (also the parent company of NewsOne), gave us this special video report, above, from the scene of protests over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Two people were arrested during the protests for disorderly conduct and destruction of property, which were otherwise peaceful, according to the Baltimore Police Department on Twitter.

As previously reported, on April 12 Gray died while in police custody from a spinal cord injury. 92 QJams reported on Thursday evening:

Baltimore residents and community leaders organized a march Thursday from the site of Freddie Gray‘s arrest to City Hall in downtown Baltimore. Rev. Jamal BryantJeff Johnson, City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young among others spoke outside City Hall shortly after Governor Hogan ordered Maryland State Police Troopers to the city as protests intensify over Gray’s death.

In comments that illuminate concerns that are driving the local government response to the protests, Young told 92 QJams’ Lil Black:

I think because the department of justice is doing this investigation we should respect what the department of justice has said, and I’m asking the citizens of Baltimore to remain peaceful, and don’t let outside influences come into our city and cause the same problems that they caused in Ferguson, when they were burning down the stores and destroying businesses in their own community. We did that during the riots when Martin Luther King got assassinated, and those buildings are still vacant and burned out, and no one has done anything with them to this day….

And also, we don’t need the state police. Our people are peaceful.

Paul W. Gardner of the Gardner Law Group gave voice to some of the questions protesters have over the death of Freddie Gray.

This is just another opportunity for us to express our displeasure to the mayor and to the city department [sic]. It’s been ten days — today might be the eleventh day — and they don’t have any answers. There’s 6 officers, 5 officers have given statements, and one officer still hasn’t bothered to give a statement. We don’t understand.

Another rally is scheduled at City Hall on Saturday, reports 92 QJams.


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