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Do you know which industries present the best economic opportunities for African-Americans? “Probably the ones you would expect,” according to Alfred Edmond, Jr. of Black Enterprise.

Recently, he joined Stefanie Brown James of Brown Girls Lead and Shannon LaNier of Arise TV to discuss economic empowerment during a panel discussion about the National Urban League‘s 2015 State of Black America report.

Edmond elaborated, “Technology is still very, very important because it is driving the economy. Healthcare…services is still very important because it is driving the economy. If you look at any area that’s creating jobs for the general marketplace, then those are places that African-American entrepreneurs need to be.”

LaNier asked the panel if they believe that “there’s still such a thing as a glass ceiling?” James replied,  “I absolutely do think that there is a glass ceiling when it comes to African-Americans getting into business.” She continued, “Oftentimes in our community many people are not getting the amount of loans that they need to start their own businesses. A lot of times they don’t have access to capital or the mentorship that’s necessary to start a successful business.”

There is a silver lining, however, according to James. “Even with those barriers in place, one of the things that most excites me is the fact that Black women are beginning to drive entrepreneurship. In fact, Black women now outpace other women by six times the amount of White women, Asian, and Hispanic women who are beginning their own businesses,” she explained.

Watch what else Edmond, James, and LaNier had to say in the video above.

For more information about the State of Black America Report visit or use the hashtag #SaveOurCities.