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What must we do to prepare our children for the job marketplace?

David C. Banks of The Eagle Academy Foundation believes it all starts through activating possibilities for our youth.

“Ultimately you have to help young people to have the light go on inside of them and in order to do that, that takes exposure. You can’t tell somebody you want them to go to college and they’ve never visited a college campus.”

“It’s about how do you connect the community and ultimately, how do you engage those parents, because parents have to be real partners in making sure those things happen as well.”

David J. Johns, executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans, explained that preparing African-American youth to compete in the marketplace begins with making sure that “every Black child we know is enrolled in a high quality early learning program.” He also said, “There’s simply too many babies who do not have access to high quality early opportunities to learn and develop socially and emotionally.”

Watch Banks and Johns discuss preparing our youth to compete in the job marketplace in the video clip above.

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