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On Tuesday, TV One aired the NewsOne Now State of Emergency: Baltimore and Beyond Town Hall meeting, exploring Black America and its relationship with law enforcement.

Cleo Manago, who has worked extensively with the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, explained that police officers are “not screened to see if they are racist or not” and Black cops are not tested to see if they hate themselves and are anti-Black.

“So one of the things that exist in society that cops inherit is a system that is racist and that looks at Black people as potential threats and as suspicious.”

Manago also touched upon the power structure in society that uses law enforcement officers to uphold certain societal norms.

“The cops historically have been conditioned to sustain a White-controlled system in this country.”

“Some of the cops, including Black cops who are hired to be good cops and be law-abiding citizens that protect and serve don’t realize that they’re a part of a larger system and agenda. They think they just have a job.”

“So it’s important that police understand that when they become police that they need to unlearn tendencies to be anti-Black.”

Watch the video clip above to see what else Manago had to say about law enforcement officers.

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