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I know, I know. My job is serious – seriously dangerous. I’m currently blogging from Afghanistan, in the war-torn ruins of ancient cities, trying as I might to find some peace in this, hell on earth. Lucky for me, I’ve come prepared: I’ve got the LAPTOP BURKA!!

…..Just kidding. But really, if I were, I’d definitely put this product on the company tab. After all, it’s only right that I am allowed to blog “in a glare-free, psychologically separate space.” Note the double entendre: “glare,” as in annoying & distracting reflection of light on a computer screen and “glare,” as in the pathological and psychologically troublesome, Freudian ‘glare’ of men towards women which consciously & unconsciously sexualizes females and contributes to all the social ills on this planet. Clever, no?

Anyway, while this “Laptop Burka” might have SOME (however obscure) redeemable usability, naming it the “Laptop Burka” probably means that the geeks responsible for this massive slip-up spend more time in their “portable private space” than out in the real-world.

Perhaps a better name would be the “Loser Cocoon.”

What do you think?

NB: Check out the comments in the link. The makers of said “Laptop Burka” have responded with a justification… groan.