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James Boulware, 50, is believed to be dead by sniper fire after opening fire on Dallas police headquarters from an armored vehicle early Saturday morning, the Dallas Morning News reports.

“Witnesses observed what they believed to be multiple suspects firing guns at the Dallas Police Department’s headquarters,” said Chief David O. Brown. “The suspects were parked in front of police headquarters. As police officers arrived, the suspects rammed Dallas police officers’ squad cars and began shooting at the officers, striking the squad cars but missing the officers.”

Police officers reportedly attempted to negotiate with Boulware — who is White and has a history of violence — for hours before he ultimately led them on a high-speed chase.

According to reports, Boulware blamed police for losing custody of his son.

“I don’t want to talk to the media, Boulware’s mother, Jeannine Boulware, said to the Dallas Morning News. “I want to talk to my son. I want my grandson to talk to his father. Do not call this number again.”

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Mesquite’s bomb squad was at James Boulware’s last known address to check for explosives because of devices that had been found and detonated by Dallas police at their headquarters.

Authorities cautioned that they have not confirmed the man is who he says he is. But in 2013, police in Paris, Texas, said they arrested James Lance Boulware after he obtained firearms, ammunition and body armor before threatening to attack his family, as well as churches and schools.The gunman said he was going to blow up police because they “took his child and accused him of being a terrorist,” Brown said.

Police said then that he was taken into custody on two felony warrants from Dallas County. However, it appears the case against him was dismissed last year after he fulfilled requirements a judge had imposed.

Near Jack Evans Police Headquarters south of downtown, two explosive devices were found, and  Brown said four bags had been discovered in several places. The devices were described as pipe bombs.

One of the bags exploded when a bomb squad tried to use a robot to move it, police spokesman Maj. Max Geron said.

The gunman also threatened that he has explosives in the van, which has gun ports built into its sides.

Police were evacuating residents of the South Side on Lamar apartments across the street from the headquarters.

Watch the shocking footage of the shoot-out in the live video clip above.

According to, “Just before 9 a.m., police executed a planned detonation on Boulware’s armored vehicle as the standoff reached roughly eight hours. The armored van was “disabled” by police at 5:40 a.m.”

According to Jason Whitely, Senior Reporter at WFAA-TV, the armored vehicle used in the attack came from a surplus from the sheriff’s office in Pickens, South Carolina.

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