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On TV One’s flagship morning program, NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and numerous guests spend a considerable amount of time talking about wealth creation in the Black community.

Despite reports and studies citing the low amount of savings African-Americans have, we as a community must focus on how to provide financial literacy training to our youth in an attempt to show them how to build and grow wealth. has helped over three thousand underserved students in the New York area become “money masters.” The organization, whose mission is to “empower youth with an immersive financial and technology education,” has plans to take their platform nationwide.

Sabrina Lamb, World of Money Founding Chief Executive Officer, 45th NAACP Image Awards nominee in Outstanding Literary Work-Instructional, and author of Do I Look Like An ATM joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now with former student Quinzel Perry and Ciana Montero, Youth Board Member of, to discuss teaching our youth how to be financially literate.

According to a statement on, the organization believes “that all youth urgently need financial and technology education so that they may globally compete and build financial security. The younger, the better!”

Lamb told Martin that she has been hearing the anguish, anxiety, depression, rage, and vulnerability of economically diverse parents who have said “my child looks at me and thinks I’m an ATM.”

Lamb explained that she responds to parents who feel this way that they “do behave like an ATM and that is why your child responds” to you in that manner.

Having a financial education discussion with your children, Lamb said, is “like looking into your soul and looking into your value system and looking into how you see yourself as a valued human being.”

Watch Roland Martin, Sabrina Lamb, Quinzel Perry, and Ciana Montero discuss how financial literacy training can positively impact our youth and put them on a path to economic success in the video clip above.

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