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In 1998, we were first introduced to Lauryn Hill’s first born, Zion Marley, from the song of the same name on her seminal debut album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

The handsome young man is moving along in life, and we are there to witness a small portion of it, thanks to his his proud papa’s Instagram account. Rohan Marley blessed us with photos of the gorgeous family, including Hill, and their five other children, reports

Rohan took to Instagram and shared a picture of his son next to a sign that read, “Congratulations Zion.” He captioned it, “FULL JOY TO WITNESS ANOTHER STEP ONWARD. Graduation time’ BLESSED HEART MY SON ZION.”
Zion, Congratulations! We’ll always remember you as “beautiful beautiful Zion.”

A month ago, we were also treated to a pic before Zion’s prom, where he and his radiant date posed on a suburban street in front of a Rolls Royce. His dad writes, “How things and time has changed.. I see you Son. .. Let’s go .. Do you my brother @bossdonzilla you got it ..😀 #LIONORDER 🔊”


And just because we are gluttons for the reclusive, elusive, Miss Hill, Rohan gave us an extra special hip-hop treat, posting a video of a mean acapella version of “Lost Ones” with what appear to be the ladies of the family.