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From Pitts Indeed:

Jimmy, George, Bill, George and Barack.

The only five men walking the earth today who understand the gravity of being the President of the United States.

They understand its pressures and privileges; they are acutely aware of what it means to be the most powerful man in the free world.

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They are also the only five men in the world who understand what it means to be the world’s most coveted prey each and every day they occupy the office of the president.

The trade for being the world’s most powerful leader is also to be its most prized trophy. As an occupant of the office, death alters history.

Of the five of them, four are ex-presidents. Two are democrats. One is a humanitarian peanut farmer regarded as the ineffectual man who was soft on terror. The other a brilliant and charismatic philanderer who allowed a dalliance to define his presidency.

The other two are republicans; father and son, wealthy members of the American aristocracy whose reach and influence cannot be fathomed by most.

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Of the four, only one could hope to stem the tide of threats, both casual and otherwise, against the man who now occupies the office.

George the younger is the voice needed to quell those prone to outrageous exclaim in word and deed because he is the only among them who courted the vote of the type of people who would ask in an open forum poll if a President, the leader of the United States, should be killed.

George, W, ‘43, this is where you need to enter the fray. I know you don’t prefer to dabble in politics too much–my guess is that you never had an interest in such things–but the time has come to assert your influence.

Forget politics and ideologies a moment–people are making open threats against the president of the United States and many of them come from your constituency. As a man who held the office, how could you sit silent as people casually threaten this man’s life?

I was in high school on 9/11. When they called an assembly, I thought someone had killed you. You’re a man I neither respected or liked, but in those moments of uncertainty before the real tragedy was revealed, I felt sick. My thought? You do not murder the President of the United States. Whatever the grievance, you do not resort to violence against the president.

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