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Bill Cosby has another ally from the music world in his corner.

Legendary rapper and one half of Public Enemy, Chuck D, shared his thoughts on the comedian and the endless accusations of sexual assault against him, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Chuck D took to Twitter on Sunday after more news regarding the allegations was revealed. Employees and confidants of Camille Cosby claim she believed her husband’s accusers consented to drugs and sex. The rapper went off on a tangent, listing reasons why Cosby’s fans should stick with him during his scandal.

Not one to hold his tongue, the rapper replied to criticism over his statements, reiterating he never defended the comedian, but was merely questioning the heightened backlash Cosby has received. Since the beginning of the year, Cosby’s comeback plans were halted when NBC and Netflix canceled his comedy specials, while TVLand and other networks discontinued syndication of The Cosby Show.

Chuck continued:

He also promoted his new album, Man Plans God Laughs.

In the midst of the Cosby scandal, many have questioned his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce released a statement confirming that his and controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump’s stars would not be removed.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter | VIDEO CREDIT: NDN 


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