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Christian Taylor’s father doesn’t have any harsh words for Brad Miller, the officer who was fired for exercising “poor judgment” when he shot and killed the teen last week.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Adrian Taylor continued to show resilience while dealing with the loss of his son. The teenager was shot by Miller after breaking into a car dealership in Arlington, Texas late Friday evening. The unarmed 19-year-old appeared delirious in surveillance footage released over the weekend, but footage didn’t show the contact he had with Miller, who arrived at the scene with a training officer.

Adrian said the family’s focus isn’t on Miller or his job status, but the funeral plans for their son.

“I’m not a man of revenge, and the results can’t bring my son back,” Adrian Taylor said. “Nothing makes me happy because nothing brings my son back,” he said. “Nobody was prepared for this [but] faith is the only thing getting us through.”

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson announced Tuesday evening that Miller was fired from the force for his behavior during the encounter. While Miller had a clean record, Johnson said his actions led to their decision.

“This is an extraordinarily difficult case,” Johnson said. “Decisions were made that have catastrophic outcomes.”

Miller may face criminal charges once the investigation is complete. Mr. Taylor said he feels for Miller’s family, but is hoping police engage in better training to avoid using their weapons against unarmed civilians.

“Right now I just feel sorry for my family and his family and for the whole nation,” Taylor said. “I just hope it makes a change because this is happening too much.”

Earlier this week, Taylor told The Guardian about his troubles finding out any details behind his son’s death. The father of three is also the founder of Comprehensive Community Solutions, a non-profit for inner city youth.

Taylor maintained he’s gotten more details from leaked audio and video released by hacker activism group Anonymous, than from the police.

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