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Conservative Fox & Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck says that part of her calling as a Christian is to love all people – so, how does she not see the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement?

As the world protests for the equal treatment of Black men, women, and children of color, Hasselbeck and other naysayers continue to make attempts at undermining the campaign by labeling it a violent “hate group.” Most recently, Hasselbeck had conservative Black writer Kevin Jackson on her show and asked:

“Kevin, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified as a hate group? How much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”

At the time, the two were reportedly discussing the phrase “Fry ’em like bacon! Pigs in a blanket!” directed against law enforcement and being chanted during a St. Paul protest in Minnesota.

Kevin had this to say in response to the former Survivor contestant’s question:

“Well they should do it, but unfortunately it’s being financed by the leftists … Ironically it’s people that have nothing, really no concern at all about black lives.”

Many spoke out against their comments, including Hasselbeck’s former View co-host Rosie O’ Donnell, who tweeted:

Rosie also retweeted a user who asserted that Donald Trump is a one-man hate group.

According to the NY Daily News, the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t advocating for violence (obviously):

Hasselbeck, a former co-host on “The View,” was discussing the St. Paul protesters’ chant of “Fry ’em like bacon! Pigs in a blanket!” — which police took to be a promotion to target them the day after a Texas deputy was shot  while pumping gas into his police cruiser. Black Lives Matter organizers said they were not advocating for violence, just equal treatment.

Hasselbeck responded to the backlash:

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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