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Obama had several songs from varying demographics proclaiming their love for him last year. Here are 10 of our favorites here at NewsOne. Music was a strong part of the Obama campaign and helped him inspire the millions who supported and voted for him and what better way to pay homage to Black Music Month!

1. Coco Tea-Barack Obama. This song is ridiculously catchy tell me you aren’t singing Barack!!! (Obama!!!!). Already a big hit in Africa and on black talk radio.

2. Nas-Black Presidents. When not beefing with O’Reilly, Nas still has time to big up  Obama. Dope Tupac sample.

3.Tupac Changes featuring Barack Obama. I originally had Ludacris Politics but took it off because he called Hillary Clinton a bitch. That is not Obama’s vision for America. So Here’s Tupac and Obama talking about changes.

4. Yes We Can-Will I Am. and friends. Not really a super fan of this song but it has been an effective marketing tool for Obama.

5. Various Artists-We Are the Ones. This song is a lot better than Yes We Can and has the same star power. Should have a lot more hits.

6. Mighty Sparrow-Barack the Magnificent…Calypso for Obama

7. Apt-Obama..Obama(Lil Wayne A Millie Parody)  Funny, catchy Lil Wayne parody for Obama

8. Mavado-We Need Barack. Hardcore dancehall reggae artist goes in for Barack..Love it.

9. Amigos de Obama-Viva Obama. I can’t understand a word other than viva Obama but I love it. Hopefully this’ll get out the hispanic vote.

10. Obama Girl-I Got a Crush on Obama. This song is horrible but the girl is attractive..what ever it takes to get out the vote.

See more of NewsOne’s BEST OF EVERYTHING 2008!!