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A jovial Vice President Joe Biden glad-handed with admirers while ticking off ways to fix income inequality during an appearance Monday at a Labor Day parade in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, fueling speculation that he could be gearing up to seek the Democratic presidential nomination. According to Reuters:

Biden, 72, looked energetic and eager. He jogged back and forth across a downtown Pittsburgh street to greet people who met him with cheers of “Run Joe Run.”

He seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself as he snapped selfie photos and waded into the crowd to shake hands.

Biden is conflicted about entering a Democratic race for the November 2016 election dominated thus far by Hillary Clinton, the party’s favorite, and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders.

Attempting to capitalize on feisty rhetoric that has marked the summer’s tumultuous political season, Biden’s talk offered a likely preview of the labor message he would deliver on the campaign trail if he decides to run for president in 2016, according to CNN. He especially noted the wage differences between workers on Wall Street and those in steel mills.

From CNN:

“I am hot. I am mad, I am angry,” Biden roared as he bemoaned the way workers have been “clobbered” in recent years, and vowed to fight to ensure a share for the middle class of the profits the rich have enjoyed from rising productivity….

“Why in God’s name should a man or woman working in a steel mill making $50,000 pay a higher rate than someone that makes tens of millions of dollars a year on Wall Street? I mean, I am serious.”

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