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Dozens upon dozens of women have accused Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. Some of the women are everyday girls, but a few are famous names the world recognizes instantly.

Supermodel Beverly Johnson recently recounted her run-in with the high-profile Cosby Show actor via her memoir, The Face That Changed It All. Though she finally told her story, make no mistake, Beverly isn’t dwelling on the past.

Before celebrating her book on Wednesday night, Beverly told Good Morning America that she forgives Bill Cosby, adding that she’s not angry or bitter, whether he’s admitted to the assault or not.

THR reports:

Earlier that day, the trailblazing supermodel told Good Morning America that she “forgive[s]” Cosby. When asked how she reached that point, Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday night that’s just how she was raised.

“I’m never angry. I don’t carry anger and bitterness,” Johnson said. “It’s a part of who I am and how I was taught and so forgiving is a part of that process.”

Beverly revealed she doesn’t need Cosby’s validation:

When asked what it would take for Cosby to admit he did what they say he did, Johnson told THR, “I don’t know and — not that I don’t care — I leave that to his higher power and our higher power [and law enforcement].… I have no say.”

What a woman. Read more on the accusations against Cosby here, and leave your thoughts below.



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