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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down with Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore to discuss a number of topics regarding the election, and he even learned a little slang to keep up with the kids.

Sanders joined Wilmore for a “soul food sit-down” on Friday’s taping of the show, which aired Monday evening. During their feast, Wilmore asked the Vermont native about his age, handling racism, and his feelings on being labeled a “democratic socialist.”

The 74-year-old said he isn’t worried his age will hold him back from winning — if elected, he would be the oldest U.S. president. He also suggested a socialist wouldn’t be bad for America, since some practices like free healthcare and college could be beneficial for all people.

Criminal justice reform was also a big topic of discussion, which Sanders has already been questioned about by members of the Black Lives Matter network. Offering his expertise on everything cool, Wilmore suggested Sanders use the hilarious slang “on fleek” to reach Black voters.

“We’re going to do everything we can to end institutional racism in this country and more,” Sanders said. “We’ve also got to deal with real criminal justice reform. Larry Wilmore says to tell you my plans for criminal justice reform are “un-fleek.”

Sanders also donned a hat showing his allegiance to African-Americans with a bedazzled “Black Eyed-Peas Matter” emblem.

Check out Sanders and Wilmore’s sit-down here.

SOURCE: The Washington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: Facebook/Twitter 


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