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A group of Black women who were kicked off a train while touring wineries in Napa Valley are seeking justice. The women are filing a racial discrimination lawsuit against Napa Valley Wine Train Inc. after they were booted for allegedly being disruptive. They believe they were removed from the train because of the color of their skin, and claim that other White passengers who were just as loud and under the influence of alcohol were allowed to remain. Their experience gave birth to the hashtag “#LaughingWhileBlack.” “That was the most humiliating experience that I have ever had in my entire life,” said Lisa Johnson, one of the eleven women. “This is 2015, and this just cannot happen again.” The wine train apologized to the women after the incident. Read more.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to Step Down

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will leave his post in December. Last week, Duncan held a press conference to share the news. “He’s done more to bring our education system — sometimes kicking and screaming — into the 21st century more than anybody else. America is going to be better off for what he’s done,” said President Obama. “It’s a record that I truly believe that no other education secretary can match. Arne bleeds this stuff. He cares so much about our kids. And he’s been so passionate about this work.” Duncan was the longest-serving Secretary of Education in the country’s history. He will be replaced by John B. King, Jr. Read more.

Laurence Fishburne to Play Nelson Mandela in Miniseries

Actor Laurence Fishburne has nabbed a role to play Nelson Mandela in a new BET miniseries. The series, called Madiba, will be centered on two of Mandela’s books – Conversations With Myself and Nelson Mandela by Himself. “Nelson Mandela’s journey of political activism and leadership is deeply inspirational and we are proud to have the talented and award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne join Madiba to tell this triumphant story,” said Stephen Hill, President of Programming, BET Networks in a statement. It will be directed by Kevin Hooks and produced by Blue Ice Pictures, Left Bank Pictures, Out of Africa Entertainment, and Cinema Gypsy Productions. Production will kick-off early next year in South Africa. Read more.


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