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Last Friday, at Rick Warren’s church forum, John McCain was asked for three wise people he would confide in if he were presidents. The people were General Petraeus, former Ebay CEO, Meg Whitman and Civil Rights leader, John Lewis.

It is interesting that McCain picked a woman and black person considering all of his advisors are old white males, mostly lobbyists. Wouldn’t he want the same people advising him on his campaign to advise him on what to do when his president?

McCain does not have one black advisor and the one woman he had consulting him was a lobbyist he was accused of having an affair with. Meg Whitman’s qualifications for advising McCain, other than running Ebay for ten years, was running the marketing campaign for Hasbro’s, Mr. Potatohead.

Whitman is also known as a philanthropist, and where in her great wisdom did she donate all of her money to, AIDS in Africa? Inner city education? Nope her alma mater Princeton University. Despite her great wisdom,  Whitman was not originally a McCain supporter, she worked for Romney’s campaign.

There is no evidence of McCain previously confiding in Whitman so why would he now? Maybe because she ran a successful internet company and his is widely regarded as an internet illiterate. Or maybe because she’s a woman and he’s had issues with misogynist jokes and women’s rights.

The last person he chose was civil rights icon, John Lewis, a democrat from Georgia. Lewis has been a progressive democrat in congress for 25 years and supports Barack Obama. Despite the fact that McCain put Lewis in his top 3 potential advisors list, Lewis has never been close to McCain despite serving with him in congress for 22 years.

John Lewis told Mother Jones ‘Sen. McCain and I are colleagues in the US congress, not confidantes. He does not consult me and I do not consult him.’ If Lewis was such a wise great man, one of the three people McCain would take advice from, why hasn’t he been consulting with him for the 20 years he’s been in the senate.

Why would McCain invoke the name of a civil rights icon who he isn’t even friends with and disagrees with on most political issues as one of his top 3 advisors. Is he trying to pander to black people? Doubtful, he knows his chances of getting more than 10%(I’d say 5) is slim and none. My guess is he’s trying to not to appear as a racist to the white voters who might feel uncomfortable voting for a bigot.

Still McCain should have at least named a black person who falls in line with his political views, maybe Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas or at least a black person he’s had a conversation with. Maybe McCain was trying to show some bi-partisan unity by naming a black liberal democrat as someone he would confide in. But shouldn’t he at least make friends with one first?

Maybe McCain named Lewis as an apology for his own gruesome Civil Rights records. Recently, when asked what he’s done for black people he had no answer except for a long pause(had to think real hard.) McCain was one of the few Senators who voted against having a Martin Luther King holiday and continued to oppose the holiday through the nineties.

McCain’s three advisors seem like a calculated political decision, putting a woman and a black with Republican Jesus, General Petraeus . By naming young he reminds me of the famous racist statement ‘Some of my best friends are black.’ If McCain would’ve confided in(or have an actual conversation with) John Lewis he might have realized the how insulting it was for him to vote against the Martin Luther King Day Holiday or to have a black ‘butler figure’ hold up an umbrella for him while he give a speech to black people(you’re not Diddy, McCain, lose the manservant).

Of the three people McCain chose as wisest presidential advisors, Whitman supported Romney over him, he has already been accused of exploiting Petraeus’s name for political gain since military figures are supposed to be apolitical and the other hasn’t had a relationship with him in 22 years in the senate and is supporting Barack Obama. Maybe he ought to listen to their wisdom right now and drop out of the race.

McCain should’ve been honest and said he’d listen to the same corrupt lobbyists who have been guiding his career in the Senate and his campaign rather than a woman he doesn’t know, a general he’s trying to exploit and a black guy who he doesn’t have a relationship with and is supporting the other guy in the race.