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Regional Director of Interscope Records Sherri WarrenRuss Parr Morning Show’s Lawrence Kelly, WKYS 93.9FM’s Deja Perez, and gospel singer Travis Greene joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for this week’s WTH?! play-by-play commentary.

Kicking off the list of insanity in this week’s news, an undercover cop in Maryland disguises himself as a homeless man so he can catch/report distracted drivers texting and using cell phones.


A prosecutor in Virginia took arachnophobia to a new level and was suspended from his job after pulling his gun on fake spiders that office staff used as part of Halloween decorations.


In the ultimate case of “see … that’s what you get,” a drunk woman broke into the Omaha Zoo to pet a tiger. The intoxicated animal lover was bitten and suffered a severe hand injury. The woman was later cited for criminal trespassing.


One sports fan should have waited a little longer before getting his World Series tattoo. A fanatic New York Mets supporter decided to have the right side of his chest cavity inked with a NY Mets World Champions 2015 tattoo before the series was over. They lost.

Check out all the madness trending in the news in this week’s installment of WTH?! Thursday in the video clip above.

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