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In a controversial piece entitled, “Dear Bennett College: Just end it with Morehouse already,” Aziza Jackson, a graduate of Bennett College in North Carolina, writes that the historically Black, exclusively women’s college should cut their ties with their (supposed to be brother institution) Morehouse College because the prestigious all-male school has obviously replaced them with the sisters of Spelman College.

This sparked some HBCU drama across social media.

Read an excerpt below:

“…in an extremely recent conversation with a guy, we started talking about school and more specifically HBCUs. The guy proudly tells me that he is a Morehouse Man as if he expected me to do a cartwheel or something in response to this revelation.

I said, “Oh, cool, I went to Bennett” and asked if he knew anything about my school.

He said, “Yeah you all were our original sister school before quietly being replaced. Y’all have some beasty alumni tho.”


First it’s alumnae not alumni.

Secondly, for a black man—or excuse me, a Morehouse Man—to refer to black women as beast-like—period—is unacceptable, and to refer to the alumnae of your supposed “sister school” as beast-like is heartbreaking.

I could go on about the things I’ve heard about “Morehouse Men” but it’s just not worth going that low down into the gutter.

He wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last. But I can’t fully blame this “brother” and those like him when low-hanging fruit is located right across the street.

What’s the point anyway of having a sister school located nearly five hours away?

That’s the story of how I realized I had no brother school a long time ago during that fateful trip to Morehouse’s homecoming, when I saw firsthand how my fellow Belles and campus queens were treated.

The “low-hanging fruit” part is what seems to have escalated things.

Read some of the tweets below:

We hope that these three institutions can come together in the spirit of HBCU love and work it out.