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There are an increasing number of Americans being denied jobs as a result of their credit reports and credit scores.

Roland Martin, Host of NewsOne Now, asked Sec. Hillary Clinton if she supports Rep. Maxine Waters’ bill that addresses the Fair Credit Act. In most cases, the bill would wipe out the requirements to have Americans go through credit checks when they are applying for federal jobs, to become federal contractors, or work at federal agencies.

Clinton told Martin she generally agrees with those ideas, but does not know the specifics of Rep. Waters’ bill addressing credit reporting.

She went on to make “two general points” about the situation, saying, “Sometimes credit reports are wrong.”

Clinton later added, “I think a lot of credit problems, particularly for young people, have to do with student debt, have to do with credit cards they had to use in order to be able to get their education.”

“I don’t think you should have credit reports following you around like some anchor you have to carry with you. So, yeah, I want people to be responsible, I want them to pay their debts, but I also want to make sure you got a second chance, and you should not be denied a job that has nothing to do with … your credit score,” said Clinton.

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