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DETROIT — Children at McFarlane Elementary School in Detroit have returned to class Tuesday after they were sent home Monday because there were not enough teachers at the school.

Substitute teachers have been called in to teach the 60 third- and fourth-grade students.

The principal of the school called off classes Monday because three teachers had been laid off.

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Students remained at the school until their parents were able to come and get them.

Officials said Principal Carolyn Freeman who is out of town told a guidance counselor to contact Detroit school district officials regarding the lack of staffing.

Volunteer and parent at the school Kelly Hubbard said the counselor attempted to contact the substitute teacher’s central office Friday to get substitutes to fill in, but there was no response.

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“I sat here on Friday for about an hour and the administrator that was in charge here that day — she tried for hours to contact someone by email, by phone. I sat there and watched here, just so that I could witness that and I could speak on McFarlane’s behalf,” said Hubbard.

When all efforts to make contact failed, the principal said she decided to cancel classes through the counselor instead of spreading children out to different classes.

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