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Forget the rhetoric you’ve heard about Syria.

According to, the most dangerous religious extremists originate from inside the United States. They can migrate across state lines from North and South Carolina to other areas of the U.S. without being scrutinized. reported that out of the “27 fatal terror attacks inflicted in this country since 9/11, 20 were committed by domestic right-wing extremists.”

Last week, Robert Lewis Dear, originally from North Carolina, killed three and wounded nine at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. In an online forum, Dear reportedly spoke of Jesus and the “end times.”

The killing of Americans with this brand of domestic terrorist does not start or end there. tracked religious extremist killings back to 1996, when “Holocaust denier” Eric Rudolph traveled from North Carolina to Atlanta and bombed the ’96 Olympics, killing one person and injuring more than one hundred.

What’s even more shocking than the killing of Americans by Americans is that while Republican presidential candidates and state governors are trying to ban Syrian refugees from entering the United States, domestic terrorists from North Carolina are allowed to freely cross state lines under the Supreme Court’s interpretation of Article IV of the Constitution.

According to, the High Court interpreted Article IV as guaranteeing citizens “the right of free ingress into other States.”

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3 Dead, Including Police Officer, After Gunman Opens Fire On Colorado Planned Parenthood