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Pope Francis became everyone’s favorite rapper Monday after a convincing photo inspired Twitter users to pair him with the hilarious #PopeBars hashtag.

The classic Twitter moment was sparked by a photo AFP’s Gianluigi Guercia took of Francis as he visited a camp for displaced people at St. Saviour Parish in Bangui, Central African Republic. Speaking on the religious conflicts that have torn the country apart, Francis urged Christians and Muslims to come together and practice peace and understanding.

The message came through, but many couldn’t ignore the Pope’s stance. A clever Twitter user pointed it out and #PopeBars was born.

Using the styles of Drake, Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, Future, and other popular rappers, Twitter users made their best version of the artist formerly known as the Pope. Hamilton creator Lin Manuel-Miranda dropped one of the most creative bars, followed by Talib Kweli.

Check out some more hilarious #PopeBars below.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, Twitter 


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