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Months ago, former President Jimmy Carter took the nation by surprise when he announced he was diagnosed with cancer. On Sunday, Carter shared that he is now cancer-free. “My most recent MRI brain scan did not reveal any signs of the original cancer spots nor any new ones. I will continue to receive regular three-week immunotherapy treatments of pembrolizumab,” he said in a statement. The 91-year-old teaches a Sunday school class at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia. “I never felt God was through using Jimmy Carter yet. He’s done what the doctors told him to do, and what an example that is for the rest of us,” said a family friend. Read more.

Ben Carson: Transgender Military Members Are a Distraction

GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson recently said he wants to ban individuals who are transgender from entering the military. “I do not appreciate using our military as a laboratory for social experimentation,” Carson said during a town hall in Iowa this weekend. “We have too many important things to do when our men and women are out there fighting the enemy. The last thing that we need to be doing is saying what would it be like if we introduced several transgender people into this platoon. Give me a break. Deal with the transgender thing somewhere else.” He also revealed that he was a fan of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy” Bill Clinton introduced in 1993. “Why do you have to go around flaunting your sexuality? It’s not necessary. You don’t need to talk about that. We need to talk about how we eliminate the enemy,” he said. Read more.

‘Chi-Raq’ Grosses $1.1M During Opening Weekend

Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq film has been one of the most talked about and highly anticipated projects this year. The movie, which was screened at 305 theaters nationwide, grossed $1.1 million this weekend. Lee received backlash from Chicago natives for the way the city was portrayed in the movie. “In no way shape or form are we not respectful of the situation that is happening in Chi-Raq,” Lee said during an interview. “In no way shape or form are we making light of the lives that have been murdered with this senseless violence…Don’t get it twisted. This film is about serious business.” Read more.