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Political reporters have now toggled from worrying that Obama gets “too much” media coverage to asking whether he is “too” good at communicating through the media. Maybe even obnoxiously good. Maybe even — here comes that loaded word from the primaries — too articulate.

The A.P.’s Liz Sidoti is on the case. And this is from a news article:

Obama has been a constant presence in the mass media as he expands the bureaucracy’s reach into the private sector…. In doing so, he has created a quandary. Put aside for a moment the question of whether government is actually intruding into people’s lives more than before. The point is that many people feel like it is — in part because Obama doesn’t stop talking about his goals. If President George W. Bush got slapped around for being inarticulate, is Obama obnoxiously articulate?

What a quandary!

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