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From Foreign Policy Passport:

He’s the biggest celebrity in the world. And today, after meeting with his economic advisors, he’ll be giving his first press conference as president-elect of the most powerful country on Earth. So, what should the media ask Barack Obama?

I imagine most questions will be related to the transition and cabinet appointments. It seems likely he’ll announce his Treasury secretary, so there may also be some questions related to how Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, or John Corzine whoever that person is will operate during the next few months.

But let’s pretend there will also be time for serious questions about policy and the world. Below, my list:

  1. What type of economic stimulus package would you support and should it go forward before you take office in January?
  2. What are your hopes for the upcoming “Bretton Woods II” conference in Washington?
  3. Do you support a bailout for the U.S. automotive industry? Why or why not?
  4. The world has overwhelmingly rejoiced at your election. Are expectations too high? Are you worried that you will let people down?
  5. Aside from stabilizing the global economy, what are your top three priorities in foreign policy?

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