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Before October 7, 2008, David James London’s name was synonymous with honesty and integrity in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where he was born, reared and educated, and the United States Army, in which he served with distinction for eight years.

But on that day – quite possibly the worst in his life – the highly decorated, honorably discharged veteran was rocked by an explosive charge set by county officials and his employer, ISS Facility Services: The mysterious allegation that he’s a felon who served a county prison sentence beginning on Aug. 22, 1978.

However, London, 44, who’s never been convicted for a felony or a misdemeanor, was 13 on that day. Teens are not incarcerated in adult prisons in Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, London was fired that day and was forced to leave the Chester County Courthouse, in Westchester, where, 24 hours before, he’d just been promoted to day and night shift custodial supervisor.

London’s frantic denials of guilt and pleas for reason fell on deaf ears. The Downingtown resident was even refused “an opportunity to be heard,” according to the civil rights lawsuit filed last week on his behalf in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

In addition, the suit, which asks for no less than $150,000 in damages, charges Chester County and nine other defendants with a number of deliberate acts. Among them are “egregious violations of (London’s) federal and state constitutional, state statutory and common law rights related to the flagrant abuse of his patently inaccurate criminal history record information and the blatantly false public accusation that he is a convicted felon, even though he is not.”

The suit also contends that London was wrongfully discharged “from a government-related position of employment,” and was victimized by “baseless and permanent eviction from government property” and suffered from “the resulting devious cover-up and the insidious retaliation against him for daring to speak up against this lawlessness and petitioning the government for relief.”

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