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Poise and grace aside, popular Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union is capable of throwing some serious shade.

While promoting her new film Birth of a Nation at the Sundance Film Festival, reporters asked Union about the controversy over Stacey Dash‘s recent statements regarding diversity in Hollywood and the #OscarsSoWhite movement.

Following backlash over a second straight year of all-White Oscar acting nominations, Dash said BET Network and Black History Month should not exist.

In the nice-nastiest way possible, Union responded, “Who’s Stacey Dash? Is she like related to Dame Dash? Was she on Roc-A-Fella? I heard of a crazy lady once, maybe last week. But I don’t know what her name is.” 

Meanwhile, Dash has demanded an apology from critics, saying, actor Morgan Freeman agrees with her, according to PEOPLE magazine:

In a blog post entitled, “Twitter Haters, When Do I Get My Apology for Agreeing with Morgan Freeman about #BlackHistoryMonth?,” Dash claims Morgan Freeman expressed similar views.

“When I spoke out on Fox News and on my blog about the need to get rid of BET and Black History Month, all the same usual Twitter haters came out of the woodwork to troll me and say all sorts of disgusting things about me,” Dash, 49, wrote. “Well, if you’re going to call me ignorant, stupid, and an Uncle Tom, you need to be intellectually honest and also call out Morgan Freeman.”

Adding, “What’s that you say? You didn’t realize that Morgan Freeman agrees with me that having a Black History Month is actually racist and a part of the problem in healing race relations in America?”

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