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San Francisco police leaders erupted in anger this week when city officials unanimously approved a day of remembrance for Mario Woods, a Black man who died last month after he was shot up to 25 times by officers during a confrontation.

“This is, without a doubt, the most disgusting, idiotic, and pathetic legislation I have ever seen in my 35 years of POA [Police Officers Association] involvement,” retired San Francisco Police Department Inspector Gary Delagnes said Tuesday after the vote on the resolution that was introduced by Supervisor David Campos, reports SFGate.

Woods was shot and killed after police say he slashed someone with a knife on Dec. 2. Surrounded by 10 officers, he was ordered to drop the knife, but allegedly refused. In an effort to get him to comply, officers reportedly hit him twice with beanbags, which failed to work. As a result, police opened fire, shooting him up to 25 times, notes the report. The exact number of shots fired has not yet been released.

From SFGate:

It says that “while several supervisors and the chief of police have privately expressed their condolences, the city and county of San Francisco has not publicly apologized to (Mario Wood’s mother) Gwen Woods.”

It also offers her “sincere condolences for the loss of her son and apologies for the way in which she has been treated since her son’s death.”

Police in San Francisco are furious about the measure, notes the report. Delagnes took to Facebook to express his anger:

This is a slap in the face to every police officer and every citizen in San Francisco who has a modicum of common sense. To say this has taken our officers to a new low would be an understatement.

Not one politician has asked how the five officers involved in the shooting of Mario Woods are doing. Well, to answer that question that was never asked, “Not Well”.

To honor a street thug who stabbed another African American is so far over the top I am speechless (and that’s not easy). I do not blame the Board of Supervisors. They are idiots and this is what they do.

We’re glad the city recognizes that deadly force is not always the answer, especially when a man is outnumbered ten to one. Sound off in the comments.



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