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At the 19th Annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame Awards on October 20, TV One President and CEO Johnathan Rodgers was inducted into the hall of fame in recognition of his work in television news and management. Check out Broadcasting and Cable’s story on Rodgers’s career:

In 2006, TV One President and CEO Johnathan Rodgers planned to hold a meeting with radio host/CNN correspondent Roland Martin and a number of the channel’s executives in Washington. After a scheduling mishap, Rodgers made an executive decision: “He was like, ‘It’s 2 o’clock,Roland has a 7 o’clock flight, we’re meeting on the golf course,’” Martin remembers.

It’s not surprising that Rodgers—an avid sports fan who still flies to see the football games of his alma mater, the University of California at Berkeley—would call for a meeting on the fairway. It’s indicative of the flair, fun and affability Rodgers is known for throughout a career that spans broadcast and cable, editorial and executive, and East Coast to West.

The first African-American president of a major network’s station group, he has left a mark on a generation of reporters, producers and executives. “I have been a member of NABJ [National Association of Black Journalists] for 20 years, and when you talk to African-Americans who are executive producers, news directors, GMs, they look to pioneers like Johnathan as setting the example for what it is that we want to achieve in this industry,” Martin says. “There is no doubt about that.” [SOURCE:]

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