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TLC has a new show called Long Lost Family, and the stories are sure to surprise you.

The program will follow adopted children on their journey to finding their birth parents. Of all the stories, the most compelling is that of a woman who finds out that she actually works with her birth mother. Jenny Thomas of Rochester, N.Y. spent 15 years trying to find her mother, not knowing that she already knew her.

“I was just in shock. I had looked in so many faces for so many years, [thinking] ‘Could that be her? Is she looking at me because she knows me?’ All the while I had looked at the woman who once knew me as her daughter. I didn’t expect that, not in a million years,” Thomas told The Post after seeing a picture of her mother for the first time.

The two women work at a Rochester hospital together. Nita Valdez revealed that she became pregnant at 17, and her father, who was a minister, thought the best course of option was to give the child up for adoption.

Nonetheless, the two are overjoyed with their newfound relationship.

TLC’s Long Lost Family is set to debut March 6. Watch a preview below.



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