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Confidence is a beautiful and important trait, but in this case, it seems as though self-awareness took a backseat on the quest towards internet fame.

Photos of Gwen Slade, 65, her daughter Jemima Slade, 44, and granddaughter Lily Slade, 16, went viral last week after The Sun published a story claiming the women are often mistaken for sisters.

The interview was more than likely inspired by Tina Brown, 35, and her twin daughters Kyla and Kaylan Mahomes, 16. Their photo inadvertently captured attention last month when the public found it impossible to tell between the mother and her girls.

Jemima, a creative director for a London hair salon, told reporters the ladies exchange outfits and always party together.

Via The Sun:

“We’re more like sisters, get mistaken for sisters and are proud we can share each other’s clothes. My mum, Lilly’s grandmother, is one hot momma and Lilly looks amazing in all my clothes and yes I do get ‘jealous but in a good way’ sometimes, who wouldn’t? I am proud of my daughter.

“I’ll buy a dress, shoes or top and have to keep it under lock and key until I can wear it first otherwise mum or my teen daughter steals it. If I do let them wear it I guarantee one of them will wear it better and look better, sexier or hotter in it.”

As expected, Twitter quickly corrected The Sun for the forced news attempt:

The relationship was, however, commended by readers who loved their strong bond. At least that’s something we all can agree on.



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